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Thailand Internet #1
Posted on 3:41 pm 11/04/2018
Wanted to explain to you about internet in Thailand in the city not too bad but where I live way out in country not so good
always having problems.they have many wires running thru trees and if you get any kind of wind and branches come off you could
have trouble with internet.They had the wire running from pole to house going thru big tree which we had fixed several months
ago.They don't do any kind of maintenance ( had to look that word up to spell and know meaning of) on lines and when having a
problem it takes very long time to respond.In village I have started with local government to keep ALL electric lines and
telephone lines cleared of any branches and trees and to also cut down trees that if fall would destroy lines or electric pole.We
are pushing isps to do the same which is what happened this time coming down from the big city where our internet comes from.Hope
this explains a little bit of whats going on for us.Also please read admins message I sent to ALL members concerning
2 sites to stay away from.

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